Being able to carry out off-market transactions

High-quality sourcing drawing on a close relationship with operators from whom opportunities for development arise, and the ability to generate off-market transactions.
Our network of operators built over many years (Korian, ORPEA, Medeos, Sodexo, Grandir (LCPR Group), Emera, Gruppo Gheron, GAMA, etc.) enables us to provide unique, proprietary sourcing and a strong pipeline made possible by exclusivity agreements with owner-operators.


Efficient negotiations on behalf of all stakeholders

Comprehensive support for operators and investors in relation to acquisition advice and arranging financing within the relevant timeframes while assessing the entire value chain (due diligence, asset valuation, lease negotiations, business plan analysis, operational auditing).
Investment banking expertise with high added value encompassing valuation and financial engineering, analysis of business plans and an understanding of banking relationships from the bank’s perspective.

Asset Management

Being the partner operators can trust

Professional management of the relationship with operators though constant dialogue with the management teams of French and European companies: optimisation of initial/subsequent lease negotiations, monitoring of investments, monitoring of regulatory developments, proactive approach to extensions/purchases, financial reporting, control of CAPEX/OPEX, negotiation of insurance contracts.

Property Management

Providing a bespoke service

Monitoring the day-to-day management of healthcare buildings (invoicing for rent payments and maintenance works) in France via an established network of property managers who specialise in healthcare real estate in Europe.